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XingLang Technology Co., Ltd isis professional with inverstigating and manufacturing all the parts and accessories of video game players and mobilephone, especially with modchip, lasers and LCD.Iphone ,Samsung ,HTC,HUAWEI ect screen.

We have already taken a considerable share in the market of China, Southeast Asia, Europe, America and Middle East countries.

All along we are Wholeheartedly busy with researching new product and expanding the market.

In order to establish and keep a good and long relationship, we enthusiasticly welcome every customer with enough stock, quality Assurance, on time shipping,

Customer is first, Quality is top, Service is excellent is the purpose of us!

Sincerely welcome all the new and old customer from all over the world!


The latset Electroic Entertainment Expro has just passed. Nintendo accounced a new portable console this time---it is called Nintendo 3DS.

Why it is called 3DS? Because the improtant feature of it is for 3D games.

N3DS has a mushroom, two cameras this time,which has a bigger upper display, both has bottom screen and touch screen. And the player don't need to play the 3D games with a special glass.

From now on, there should be more and more 3D games come out for this new player

In the last two Electronic Entertainment Expro, microsoft releases they will have a new technology soon in the market.

And  in the latest E3 Expro in Los Angeles,we can see the it--KINECT for xbox360.

Kincect has a camera and micphone inside, which can sense people's face, body and voice, then can react finally. It likes wii remote and work with wifi, Res Infrared ray and so on. But it is more great than wii remote.

Xbox360 slim will also come out soone, which has wifi and 250G HDD inside.

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Last Modified : 2017 - 11 - 17
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